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Housekeeping Dispensers

DEMA provides multiple solutions for general cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing surfaces in any type of facility. From healthcare, education, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, to offices and many more; DEMA has a system to fit your needs. With premium locking to economical basic and portable systems, DEMA dispensers can fill various containers and equipment from small to large, efficiently and effectively with different flow rates and features to handle all your surface cleaning needs.

Kitchen and Food Service Dispensers

Whether it’s mechanical and manual dishwashing, drain maintenance, or spray cleaning, DEMA has multiple systems to handle virtually any kitchen or food service need. DEMA uses precision electronic peristaltic pumps with unique patented features, industry-leading solid bowls, proportioners, and spray & foam applications. DEMA has a multitude of systems to fit any requirement.

Laundry Dispensers

DEMA makes systems for large volume commercial and industrial, small to large on-premise laundries, home-style, self-serve, and coin-operated laundries. DEMA’s systems are designed to handle virtually any commercial laundry machine and facility. From machines handling less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) to facilities handling tens of thousands of pounds per day, DEMA has a dispenser for most any home style and commercial need.

Solenoid Valves, Injectors, and Strainers

DEMA offers a full line of proven, quality-built fluid control devices, components, and systems to handle different fluid types, pressures, and applications. From carwash, drinking water, brewing, food and beverage processing, humidification, misting, dishwashing, to laundry applications, we have valves and injectors that support all those industries. DEMA’s expertise in manufacturing is the backbone of our business and has built our reputation as a leader in supplying OEMs with products that fit their needs.

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