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Proportioners and Backflow Preventors

All DEMA housekeeping dispensers use the same proportioners, backflow preventers and metering tips. Proportioners are available with flow rates of 4 gpm (15 LPM), 2.5 gpm (9.5 LPM) and 1 gpm (4 LPM). Standard proportioners are equipped with ASSE 1055 approved 16-30 Action Gap backflow preventers. Air gap backflow prevention is available with a 4, 2.5 and 1 gpm proportioner. 

Features & Benefits
Model No.


16.30 Action Gap backflow preventer
61.22.3BAG 4 gpm air gap proportioner
61.22.3 4 gpm proportioner
61.32BAG 1 gpm air gap proportioner
61.99.2 Two station locking rack
163AG 2.5 gpm air gap proportioner
163CHA.B 2.5 gpm proportioner
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