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SafeLink Closed Loop Chemical Management System

DEMA’s SafeLink Closed Loop Chemical Management System is a no chemical contact system that eliminates exposure to chemicals when connecting and changing product in almost any chemical dispenser. Safe Link incorporates two components, a bottle insert and a pick-up cap connection. The bottle insert is part of the chemical container installed during the chemical packaging process. The pick-up cap is the connection on the dispenser chemical feed tubing that “links” the chemical to almost any dispenser.

SafeLink Closed Loop Chemical Management System is one of the most versatile closed loop systems in the market. Whether it is the superior, spill-proof version, vented version, or one of the many other models, DEMA SafeLink has a solution for your needs.

Parts and Accessories
Chemical Storage Racks
Features & Benefits
  • Eliminates access and exposure to chemicals, improves safety and controls cost
  • Exceeds GREEN requirements & standards
  • Minimizes supply chain problems and costs
  • Requires no custom bottles, special bottle production or special demands
  • Works with common bottles with typical neck finishes and variances
  • Minimal conversion cost from lesser closed loop systems
  • Designed by the dispensing equipment experts with hundreds of dispensers available
  • Multiple colors and materials available to handle most any chemistry
  • Optional keys available to lock out competition or assure proper product placement
Model Type Description
Vented Insert Two way venting, ideal for off gassing products
Vent Plus Insert Restrictive two way venting
Spill-Proof Insert One way venting, no dripping
Barbed Cap For traditional chemical inlet tubing
Quick Connect Cap For quick connect “John Guest” style fittings

Chemical Storage Racks

Chemical Storage Racks

    • DEMA offers various chemical rack configurations to store chemical containers. Racks are available to mount DAH Extreme directly to the rack or mounted separately. The racks are metal wire and feature a powder-coated finish for durability and chemical resistance. Refer to the DEMA rack guide included in the Resources section of this product page for more information.

Contact your DEMA Regional Sales Manager to learn more about SafeLink’s many configurations and how to incorporate it into your packaging.  Find your DEMA Regional Sales Manager here: Find Your Sales Rep

Model No.
Resource No. / Description
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