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Normally Closed High Pressure Valves

DEMA’s high pressure valves are designed for pressures from 10 psi up to 1200 psi, are available for 3/8-1” pipes, have orifices from 11/32-15/16” and are intended for use with water only. They operate the same as a pilot operated valve except the pilot port is in a separate chamber from the piston. This allows the plunger to operate closer to the top plug with more force and consequently higher opening pressure.

Parts and Accessories
Coil Options
Features & Benefits
  • Application: water
  • Brass construction with optional stainless steel piston on some models
  • Stainless steel sleeves and seats (except the 453P)
  • Teflon seals
  • Rated for 200°F/93°C fluid and 120°F/49°C ambient.
  • Suitable pressure up to 1200 psi
  • CV flow factor varies by model (1.8-11.1)
Model No. Pressure Differential Body Material Pipe Size N.P.T CV Flow Factor # GPM @ 60 psi (cv # x √ psi)
min/psi max/psi
453P* 10 1200 Brass 3/8″ 1.8 13.95
453S** 10 1200 Brass 3/8″ 1.80 13.94
454P* 10 1200 Brass 1/2″ 3.70 28.66
458P* 10 1200 Brass 1″ 11.10 85.98
458PS** 10 1200 Brass 1″ 11.10 85.98

* – Stainless Steel Piston
** – Stainless Steel Piston and Stainless Steel Sleeve
* Shown above are the most common configurations.  Many additional configurations are readily available, contact us at [email protected] or speak with your DEMA sales representative for more information.

Coil Options

Coil Options

    • DEMA solenoid valves are available in many AC and DC voltage ratings and wiring options include a junction box, spade, conduit and din with voltage options of 12VDC, 24VDC, and 24, 120, 208, and 240VAC 50/60 cycle on most models.
Normally Closed Solenoid Valves
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Normally Closed High Pressure Valves
Model No.
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