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Dairy, Agriculture and Irrigation Dispensers

DEMA offers a wide variety of products to fit applications from dairy sanitation, field fertigation, greenhouse, hydroponics, chemical transfer, water treatment, clean-in-place and animal health. Using our extensive knowledge in designed electronically controlled and water driven proportioning pumps, we’ve developed a line of reputable, service friendly systems for these markets.

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Fertigation/ Irrigation

Our large variety of systems can be used in many different irrigation and fertigation applications from large outdoor projects to smaller family farms. All systems that can be used in fertigation can be found here.


Cleanliness in dairy applications is vital to maintaining healthy animals and systems. Our products are used in a variety of applications from teat dip manufacturing to iodine dilution to clean-in-place systems for the whole dairy farm.

Hydroponics/ Aquaponics

Unique and specialized growing environments need the features and benefits delivered from our electronic agricultural pump line. Hydroponics applications need electronic pumps which can inject precise amounts of nutrients based on the needs of the plants.


Controlled environment agriculture is common around the world. Our systems have a variety of applications in greenhouse usage including nutrient batch blending, nutrient injection and pH control.

Water Treatment

Water treatment applications abound in agriculture. From treating water before it goes into the drinking lines of animals to controlling pH before it goes onto crops, we have a number of solutions to help provide the high quality water you need for your applications.

Animal Health

There are many applications for cleaning, sanitizing and treating water which lead to better animal health. We have systems that are used in a variety of applications on livestock and dairy farms.

Sales Support

Our sales managers are dedicated to your success. We specialize in delivering regional support throughout the world. When you work with DEMA, you have our entire team of experts in engineering, manufacturing, and sales ready to assist you.

Customer & Technical Support

Our customer and technical support teams are trained to make product ordering, installation, and servicing easy. Our staff is ready to support you. Contact us today.

Resource Library

An extensive collection of resources to support your business’ needs including instruction sheets, parts lists, troubleshooting documents, reference sheets, and regulatory approvals.

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