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Laundry Master Single & Dual Laundry Dispenser

830 Single & 831 Dual are low volume laundry dispensers designed to dispense 1 or 2 products into top-loading, coin-operated, and other laundry machines up to 100 lb. (45 kg.) capacity. Pumps are triggered by a signal from the laundry machine or by pushing the optional remote start button.

Parts and Accessories
Button Remote Start Switch
Chemical Storage Racks
Features & Benefits
  • DEMA’s most splash-resistant ABS enclosure
  • Optional remote start switch with 10 ft. (3 m) cord
  • Programmable lockout of up to 75 minutes to eliminate extra dosing
  • Activation delay of up to four minutes with run times
  • Two independent circuit boards allow operation for two products or by two machines
  • Programs via button on unit and DIP switches
Model No.* Description
830K.1.1 Single product dispenser
831K.1.1 Two product dispenser

83.R1 1 Button & 83.R2 Button Remote Start Switch83.R1 1 Button & 83.R2 Button Remote Start Switch

83.R1 1 Button & 83.R2 Button Remote Start Switch

  • The 83.R1 & 83.R2 provides a convenient, easy way to start the chemical dose when the dispenser is hard to reach

Chemical Storage Racks

Chemical Storage Racks

    • DEMA offers various chemical rack configurations to store chemical containers. Racks are available to mount DAH Extreme directly to the rack or mounted separately. The racks are metal wire and feature a powder-coated finish for durability and chemical resistance. Refer to the DEMA rack guide included in the Resources section of this product page for more information.
Laundry Master Single
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Laundry Master Dual
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Laundry Master Remote
Model No.
830K & 831K
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