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High Flow Dispenser

High Flow Dispensers fills Auto Scrubbers and other large reservoirs at 8 gallons per minute (30 liters/min.) to reduce fill time over traditional dispensers. The DEMA High Flow dispenser features a 1/4 turn ball valve activation and vacuum breaker for backflow protection. The stainless steel cover provides durability and a large area for product identification. The system needs a 3/4” water supply and a minimum of 7 gpm (26L) at 40 psi (2.8 bar) water flow and pressure to operate properly.

Parts and Accessories
Water Supply Hoses
Features & Benefits
  • High flow rate system of 8 gpm (34 liters/min.)
  • Includes vacuum breaker backflow protection
  • 10 feet discharge hose included
  • Metering tip pack to determine the dilution ratio
  • Stainless steel cover offers durability and industrial appearance
  • PVC proportioner allows the potential for dual chemical injection
Model No.* # of Products
607.3 1
607.3DF 2

* Shown above are the most common configurations.  Many additional configurations are readily available, contact us at [email protected] or speak with your DEMA sales representative for more information.

Water Supply Hoses

Water Supply Hoses

    • DEMA manufacturers a variety of water inlet hoses for different applications.  DEMA inlet hoses are rated to 200psi, made of durable double-walled rubber, and crimped to our manufacturing facility specifications.  Refer to the DEMA water supply hose guide included in the Resources section of this product page for more information.
High Flow Dispenser
Model No.
607 Series
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