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Waterless Dispensing Technology Designed For A Wide Variety Of Applications

St. Louis, MO – August 20, 2018 – Waterless dispensing that’s easy to use, safe to handle, with precision accuracy, the next generation of portable waterless dispensing has arrived. FlexDose, by DEMA Engineering Company introduces the commercial cleaning industry to the first portable waterless dispenser designed for a wide variety of chemicals and user applications. FlexDose will give users the accuracy and precision expected of dilution control systems in a portable dosing package.

Available for use with DEMA’s SafeLinkTM closed loop inserts or for open containers, FlexDose is capable of dosing any common chemicals into spray bottles, three compartment sinks, mop buckets and much more. Several variations of FlexDose are available, all designed to fit the requirements of the desired application. Safety lock outs prevent inaccurate dosing by ensuring the user completes the dosing cycle. Whether used with our SafeLink inserts for a truly closed loop solution or used with standard chemical containers, FlexDose will provide users with a world class dosing system experience.

Find out more about FlexDose from your DEMA Regional Sales Manager or our world-class Customer Service group.

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