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Tech Corner: SafeLink Caps and Inserts

What Do You Know About DEMA’s SafeLink Closed Loop Inserts?

At DEMA, we’ve brought our deep experience in the dispensing market to our innovative, adaptive closed loop system. When we introduced our inserts in 2010 we knew we had to provide an option for consumers that didn’t exist in the market. Closed loop systems that were available at the time were either ineffective static systems with friction fit inserts or they were too expensive and had more features than were realistically needed. We identified that an insert should:

  • Grab and seal into a bottle, securing it firmly in place. A SafeLink insert will not come out of the bottle.
  • Provide a truly spill-proof seal, not allowing a drop of chemical out of the bottle if tipped or knocked over.
  • Work in nearly any 38mm neck opening bottle. SafeLink’s design accommodates a wide variety of standard bottle neck openings.

Options For SafeLink Are Truly Limitless

We recognize the need to accommodate an ever-expansive line of chemicals and that inserts shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Our inserts are tailored to the specific needs of your chemicals: Spill-proof Chemlock: Ideally for the most common chemicals in your arsenal. The only insert in the market readily available for any 38mm neck bottle. This insert is designed with Grab & Seal technology inside meaning it won’t leak, spill or disengage even with variations in tolerance or neck irregularities. Active vent: Excellent for products that off-gas, this insert uses a unique vent membrane that allows gasses to pass through the insert while minimizing the chance for chemical exposure. High caustic: Can handle some of the strongest caustics on the market and still provide you with a Green Seal certified package.

SafeLink Allows Easy, Economical Adaptation To Your Packaging

SafeLink closed loop technology is forward and reverse compatible for the majority of current systems for ease of conversion. It’s available in a variety of configurations to enable multiple dispenser connections, handle the majority of chemistries and provide options for different colors, lockout keys, and wide range of metering. Custom programs are available to meet specific requirements.

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