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Wall Mounted Hand Pumps

DEMA’s hand pumps are designed to pump 1 or 2 ounces (30 or 60 ml) of detergent, sanitizer, or other chemicals into a kitchen sink, bottle, machine, or any open container where chemical is mixed with water.

The 301 Series features a smaller profile on the wall and is available 1 ounce (30 ml) models only.  The 301 uses a stainless or Teflon check ball to maintain chemical prime and a stainless or Hastelloy spring.

The 302 Series feature a larger push area for greater activation and is available is 1 or 2 ounce (30 or 60 ml) models.  The 302 has higher chemical resistance as it uses polyethylene bellows, and chemical does not come in contact with a metal spring.

Parts and Accessories
Chemical Storage Racks
Features & Benefits
  • Polypropylene bodies for chemical resistance
  • Mounts on any vertical or horizontal surface
  • EPDM, silicone, or Viton seals available for virtually any chemistry
  • Discharge chemical through tubing or optional spout
Model No. Flow Spring Seal
301B 1oz / 30ml Stainless Stainless
301B.C 1oz / 30ml Hastelloy Teflon
302.1E 1oz / 30ml N/A EPDM
302.1S 1oz / 30ml N/A Silicon
302.1V 1oz / 30ml N/A Viton
302.2E 2oz / 60ml N/A EPDM
302.2S 2oz / 60ml N/A Silicon
302.2V 2oz / 60ml N/A Viton

Chemical Storage Racks

Chemical Storage Racks

    • DEMA offers various chemical rack configurations to store chemical containers.  The racks are metal wire and feature a powder coated finish for durability and chemical resistance. Refer to the DEMA rack guide included in the Resources section of this product page for more information.
Wall Mounted Hand Pump
Model No.
Resource No. / Description
Wall Mounted Hand Pump
Model No.
Resource No. / Description
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