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Impressive New DEMA® CMS Will Save You Time And Money!

St. Louis, MO – September 10, 2019 –The new DEMA Chemical Measurement System (CMS) flow meter saves you time and money by simplifying and maintaining accurate chemical dosing for the Aurora Laundry system. The CMS offers automatic pump calibration, proof of flow and delivery, which means accurate and consistent chemical dosing throughout the life of the squeeze tubes. The post flush process pushes chemical and then water through the CMS and into the laundry machine, this process will ensure that your CMS works properly no matter what chemical is used. The device is equipped with an alarm that will alert when out of product or out of water conditions occur. As with any Aurora system, use the DEMA Connect mobile app on your smart device to access remote programming and reporting.

To learn more about the new CMS, please contact your DEMA Regional Sales Manager or our world-class Customer Service group.

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