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Family owned and operated for four generations

In 1956, brothers Bela and Hermann Deutsch were approached to machine a small venturi for a local St. Louis business that desired an automated process to inject dish soap into a sink. Fast forward to today, DEMA is a global leader in the institutional cleaning and fluid control markets. Embracing our heritage, DEMA is still owned by the Deutsch family, with active 3rd and 4th generation family members, but far outnumbered by our over 420 global team members.

Over six decades of Engineering, Designing, and Manufacturing experience


Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re uniquely located in the middle of the country with easy access to all areas of the United States.


DEMA representation around the world to serve our customers where they’re located.


Five facilities in the United States. Three in Missouri, one in Pennsylvania, and one in North Carolina. Light manufacturing in the Netherlands and Australia.


Over 420 employees to design, build, and support the highest quality products, globally.

Strategy for Success

Customer Support

  • Region Sales Managers with on average 26 years of industry experience
  • Experienced technical phone support, dedicated Customer Service staff
  • Senior Marketing, R&D, and Executive resources at our customers’ disposal
  • A full complement of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Designers, and support staff

Engineering Expertise

  • Custom design & prototyping capabilities in SolidWorks design
  • Extensive machining and other metal manufacturing and prototyping
  • In-house SLA, RTV, and electronics prototyping for most any dispensing or fluid control need
  • Extensive laboratory facilities with equipment for high pressure, temperature, and automated accelerated lifecycle testing

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Processes include multi-axis CNC mills, lathes, Swiss screw machines, brazing, welding, injection molding, plating, custom robotics, and automation equipment
  • Ability to design and build custom and complicated automated machining, assembly, and test equipment in-house that is utilized company-wide
  • ISO 9001 registered, with a quality management system that includes Failure Mode & Effects Analysis for design and processes, gage calibration systems, supplier analysis and more


Shortly after forming their first company Standard Machine and Manufacturing, Bela and Hermann Deutsch founded DEMA in 1956. During DEMA’s first year, the “proportioner” was introduced to the institutional cleaning market. Soon after, large chemical companies approached DEMA to build various products that would allow them to dilute their cleaning chemicals correctly. Since the beginning, DEMA’s primary goal is to offer our customers the most reliable, safest, and accurate way of dispensing concentrated chemicals. In addition to our complete range of chemical dispensing equipment, DEMA has also designed and manufactured a line of solenoid valves, injectors, and other fluid control devices to meet many industrial applications. During DEMA’s early years, our focus was on water driven dispensing equipment. As technology advanced, DEMA entered the electronic dispensing market, and now produces a broad range of electronic dispensers for kitchen, food service, laundry, industrial, and specialty applications. These dispensers are designed to meet our worldwide customer base’s needs, specifically holding quality and safety at the highest standard and helping to lower the total cost of equipment ownership.

DEMA is committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. DEMA has expanded our facilities in Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, the Netherlands, and Australia. These expansions have led to better service and satisfaction for our growing global customers. DEMA is continuously updating our product range to meet the needs of our global customers. From 2 people in 1956 to more than 420 employees today, DEMA continues to grow and maintain the status as a leading provider of chemical dispensing and fluid control equipment.

Over 65 Years of Dispensing Innovation

  • Model 301B Sure-Measure Dispenser
  • Model 167 Faucet Proportioner
  • Model 217C Liquid Detergent Feeder
  • Model 234A Two-Stage Liquid Chemical Injector
  • DEMA sells first solenoid valve to carwash industry
  • 204C Proportioning Injector
  • 241 SprayClean Dispenser
  • 260 Hydraulic Rinse Pump
  • 560 Concentration Controller
  • 603 Select-O-Matic Dispenser
  • 633 Blend Center Dispenser
  • Air gap proportioner
  • DEMAMaster Probeless Dispenser
  • LaundryMaster Dispenser
  • Dilution at Hand Extreme
  • Titan II Warewash Dispenser
  • Stainless Steel Diaphgram Valve
  • 464M Diaphragm Manifold Valve
  • SafeLink Closed Loop Technology
  • Extreme 4 Dispenser
  • Nitro Warewash Dispenser
  • Rocket Proportioning Injector
  • Fusion Dispenser
  • Aurora Multi Machine

You Can Feel It In Your Bones

The feeling for quality, which is the instinct for excellent performance, can “get into your bones”. Quality can make work worth doing. The feeling for quality, once it gets into your bones, can be a terrific asset. It can give dignity to an individual; it can give character to a business; it can give satisfaction to our customers. The character of our business, or any business, is nothing more than the sum total of the characters of the people in our business.

So long as we seek excellence and accept nothing less, our business will succeed. In business, the constant and never ending search for quality should be paramount. People are naturally attracted to quality–it is something everyone wants. It is what a person wants in their car, their home, and everything they buy, and those people who produce less than their very best are cheating. As Ralph Waldo Emerson was fond of pointing out–”in the long haul, the only person we really cheat is ourselves.”

Every year thousands of businesses fail, hundreds of thousands of men and women are discharged from their jobs, because they try to get the maximum results from minimum effort. It used to be when people parted company, they would say “work hard.” Today it is “take it easy.” So long as we seek excellence and accept nothing less, our business will succeed like “nobody’s business”.

– Hermann Deutsch, 1966

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