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The global leader in dispensing solutions

Since 1956

DEMA pioneered dilution control systems by introducing the first slide-bar faucet proportioner. Since our founding, DEMA now provides one of the largest ranges of chemical dosing and fluid control products in the global market.

COVID-19 & The Importance of Dilution Control

Exploring the lessons learned from cleaning during a pandemic.

Aurora Multi Machine

Aurora Multi-Machine expands the technological advancements of the Aurora Laundry system, making it capable of operating up to 5 laundry machines.

Fusion Single Product Chemical Dispenser

Made for the modern housekeeping and food service environment, Fusion quickly catches the attention of users looking for an attractive, resilient, and effective chemical dispenser.

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing with Dilution Control Systems

Dispensing equipment effectively controls dilutions, ensuring the correct amount of chemical concentrate is mixed with water each and every use. When using dilution control equipment you improve cleaning efficacy, increase worker safety, and save time compared to hand mixing.

Product Categories
Housekeeping Dispensers

Systems for general cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing surfaces for any type of facility.

Kitchen & Food Service Dispensers

Systems for warewash, sink, drain & odor control applications in any commercial kitchen setting.

Laundry Dispensers

Systems for home-style, OPL, commercial, and industrial laundry applications.

Industrial Dispensers

Systems for food and beverage processing, brewing, CIP, manufacturing, carwash, and other industrial applications.

Solenoid Valves, Injectors, & Strainers

Fluid control devices and components for a variety of OEM equipment and applications.

Dairy, Agriculture & Irrigation Dispensers

A wide variety of systems for dairy sanitation, field fertigation, greenhouse, water treatment, and many other applications.


DEMA offers a vast range of products for numerous markets and applications. With a rich heritage in design and manufacturing, combined with knowledgeable staff and support teams DEMA can provide the best solution for each and every requirement.

Global Presence, Local Support.

DEMA products are sold throughout the world and supported by our global sales force, strategically located around the world. With five manufacturing facilities in the United States, light manufacturing in Europe and Australia, and global contract manufacturing, we’re able to streamline product delivery to critical markets throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America.

Sales Support

Our sales managers are dedicated to your success. We specialize in delivering regional support throughout the world. When you work with DEMA, you have our entire team of experts in engineering, manufacturing, and sales ready to assist you.

Customer & Technical Support

Our customer and technical support teams are trained to make product ordering, installation, and servicing easy. Our staff is ready to support you. Contact us today.

Resource Library

An extensive collection of resources to support your business’ needs including instruction sheets, parts lists, troubleshooting documents, reference sheets, and regulatory approvals.

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