What’s New

  FlexDose Portable Waterless Dispenser

FlexDose was created to provide commercial kitchen and housekeeping staff productive with an efficient and reliable portable chemical delivery system. FlexDose offers repeatable and precise dosing in increments of 1/16oz (2ml), 1/8oz (4ml), 1/4oz (7ml), 1/2oz (15ml) and 1oz (30ml). Designed with safety lockouts to prevent incorrect dosing volumes, FlexDose reduces the complexity of user training by requiring the full delivery of the indicated chemical dose need. User comfort with the ergonomic FlexDose body and handle allows operators to use FlexDose throughout their work day without discomfort or other issues commonly associated with manual jug pumps. FlexDose isn’t just for commercial kitchens and hospitality locations; it works great anywhere that a full dispensing system isn’t warranted or where accuracy is a necessity.

  Aurora On-Premise and Commercial Laundry System – Smart Device Capable

Aurora Laundry Dispenser is the newest generation in Laundry dispensing technology from DEMA. Aurora enters the “smart device” connection and control era with a forward thinking program using Bluetooth technology for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PC integration. Use your smart device to write and store programs, get service reports and access data from the Aurora Pro-Access interface module. The Pro-Access controls up to 8 pump stands and locally stores programs, wash data, service notes and reminders. Aurora blends smart device capable technology with the best features of DEMA’s legacy dispensers such as our reliable, well known quick change pumps and durable pump gear motors.


Trapper is the new drain treatment chemical pump system with intelligence operation along with easy and intuitive setup. The features of the system help insure uninterrupted service of the drain treatment product. Splash resistant design allows the system to be installed in damp and wet environments. The mounting bracket provides easy installation and removal of the modules for quick maintenance and service. Trapper can fit many application sites and work in remote locations using 8 D-cell batteries. With a quick programming change and component swap, the system can easily be used as an odor control system for dumpsters, trash chutes and alike. Trapper is the perfect solution for all your drain and odor control applications.

  SafeLink MPD

SafeLink MPD is DEMA’s newest innovation in housekeeping dispensing. MPD is the multi-product and multi-dilution dispenser designed for use with SafeLink closed loop bottle inserts. MPD engages and dispenses one product at a time and is designed for simple, fast and safe changeover from one product to the next. Chemical connects and disconnects to the SafeLink dock with one simple fast step. Simply push the bottle in and it automatically engages. When you’re done filling your bottle or bucket, the chemical is easy to remove and SafeLink closed loop inserts keep concentrate chemical away from you.

SafeLink MPD is designed with a dilution dial for in dispenser chemical metering or a non-dial system for in bottle chemical metering. MPD dial is designed to use practically every product you could ever need. The dilution dial has six positions with two dilutions at every position for up to 12 different dilutions. MPD has all the user features you have come to expect from a DEMA dispenser. Two proportioners and fill ports provide easy bottle filling and convenient bucket filling. The bottle filling has 1 handed activation and the bucket has an optional remote “gas pump” activation. The bottle fill tube is designed to minimize foam and the drip tray in incredibly functional with an optional drain hole and tube.


The DEMA Nitro Plus DISHWASHING dispenser is the evolution of compact and versatile dispensers. Taking all those must-have and wanted features from the design, now designed for larger applications.

Rocket Injectors

Rocket injector is designed as a fully customizable, easy to service injector for all your in-line cleaning needs. More than capable of operating under a greater range of pressure and provides an extreme variety of dilution ratios from 1:6 to 1:1441 depending on flow rate and nozzle size. Complete serviceability available by incorporating a removable metering barb, nozzle and other internal components. Only the best materials used such as Aflas, Hastalloy, 316 grade Stainless Steel, Teflon and polypropylene. .


Extreme 4

Extreme 4 is the ideal dispenser for wall mount applications that require a locking enclosure and utilizing 1L to 3L bottles. Based on the time tested Dilution at Hand Extreme dispensers, and incorporating features for the future such as the 8-n-1 selector dial, this dispenser can meet any housekeeping cleaning requirement. Extreme 4 is a no-fuss, no-muss dispenser, ready to handle the most challenges jobs. Installation is easy too – simply add your metering tips, connect the tubes and go. All the homework of routing tubes to different selectors is gone. Incorporates SafeLink closed loop connections or common weight and foot valve tubing as a standard, out of the box.


SafeLink One

The SafeLink One is designed to make cleaning easier, more effective and safer. The SafeLink One enables more efficient operations by extending the dispensing from the housekeeping closet to the point of service. SafeLink One works cohesively with the closed loop technology of SafeLink bottle inserts and caps. With the ability to work with low water pressure, incorporate foam and spray, as well as different dilution rates, the SafeLink One resets the industry standard in portable dispensing equipment.


Safe Link™ Closed Loop Chemical Management System with Dura Seal® Technology

Uniquely designed with dispensing equipment in mind, sealed, spill-proof bottles and connections virtually eliminate worker exposure to harsh chemicals. Dilutions are accurate, controlling use and reducing cost. Meets all national and international standards.


V-Line OPL

V-Line OPL is the perfect on-premise laundry system for smaller facilities where value and flexibility are critical but performance must be second to none. V-Line OPL features a modular design to accommodate from 1 to 6 pumps and uses the proven performance of DEMA’s standard Quick Change Pump at 16 ounces (475 ml) per minute or the Large Blue QC Pump for 50 ounces (1500 ml) per minute. Streamlined digital programming on the dispenser keypad with easy to understand user modes make using the V-Line OPL incredibly easy to use.


V-Line RS

V-Line RS is designed to handle residential style and other small machines when few products are required but multiple formula choices are needed. The simple mount and plug 2-step installation with pre-installed power cord makes implementing it a snap. V-Line RS features a modular 1 or 2 pump design using DEMA’s proven quick change blue pumps and the new IQ-50 board up to 9 formulas. The RS is flexible, allowing it to grow with your needs into a 3-6 pump OPL application as it arises.


Squirt DC

The Squirt DC is the economical battery operated dispenser for drain, deodorizer and any special dosing application. The Squirt DC is flexible in its programming, allowing users to set up to 8 events a day and chose every day, weekdays, or one day a week run cycles. The Squirt DC uses the proven Olympian pump platform to deliver exceptional reliability, durability and value. Plus the Squirt DC uses the splash resistant attractive Nitro ABS enclosure for superior durability.