Universal O-ring Kits for MixRite!

In an effort to continually serve our customers better, DEMA is now stocking universal o-ring kits for the large MixRites!

Each kit contains all the o-rings necessary for each TF-designated unit, meaning you only need to stock three kits for all TF units! When you need to rebuild a unit, there will always be a few o-rings left over, but no one wants to stock 12 different kits when they can stock 3! All o-rings in these kits are EPDM.

O-ring kits for TF units:

  • Kit # 3520000057 for all the TF5 units
  • Kit # 3510000057 for all the TF10 units
  • Kit # 3500000057 for all the TF25 units

Quick reference guide for our most popular MixRite parts kits

In an effort to make it easier for our AG customers to order the correct kits, we’ve simplified the list of kits by simply listing the kits required for the most popular units. Click here to access a PDF version of the parts lists.