Tech Corner: Safelink MPD

SafeLink MPD is DEMA’s newest innovation in housekeeping dispensing. MPD is the multi-product and multi-dilution dispenser designed for use with SafeLink closed loop bottle inserts. MPD engages and dispenses one product at a time and is designed for simple, fast and safe changeover from one product to the next. Chemical connects and disconnects to the SafeLink dock with one simple fast step. Simply push the bottle in and it automatically engages. When you’re done filling your bottle or bucket, the chemical is easy to remove and SafeLink closed loop inserts keep concentrate chemical away from you.

SafeLink MPD is designed with a dilution dial for in dispenser chemical metering or a non-dial system for in bottle chemical metering. MPD dial is designed to use practically every product you could ever need. The dilution dial has up to 9 positions with 2 dilutions at every position for up to 18 different dilutions. Standard dial offerings are a 3 position, 6 position and 9 position to handle any chemical offering. And of course MPD has all the user features you have come to expect from a DEMA dispenser. Two proportioners and fill ports provide easy bottle filling and convenient bucket filling. The bottle filling has 1 handed activation and the bucket has an optional remote “gas pump” activation. The bottle fill tube is designed to minimize foam and the drip tray in incredibly functional with an optional drain hole and tube.

MPD is versatile, easily accepting bottles anywhere between ½ gallon to 5 liters in size; it’s perfect for any chemical program. Customization is a breeze; MPD is available with multiple color options to match any brand strategy. Stop by the booth and see the most innovative dispenser in the market today.