Tech Corner- Commercial Kitchen Systems

Lets go into a commercial kitchen to discuss proper location for unit installations. The most critical step in any installation is location, location, location. Location will be based on what type of unit you are installing such as electronic warewash, sink or drain dispensers.

Electronic warewash dispensers require electricity regardless if it comes from the dish machine or a wall outlet. Find a location that you have access to electricity, a flat surface, and make sure it is it is far enough from the machine where it will not be exposed to steam.

Sink dispensers require water to operate. Locate a flat surface with the access to water, and the ability to use the unit without causing disruption to the workflow in the kitchen. Another very important consideration is the location of the chemical to the dispenser. The chemical must be below the dispenser. If the chemical is located above the dispenser, it will create a siphon and the chemical will continue the flow out of the unit even if the unit is off.

Hand pumps are similar to the sink dispenser in the respect that the chemical must be below pump. It will also create a siphon and continue to discharge chemical when the unit is not in use. Also worth remembering, a hand pump will stick out from the, so mount accordingly as not to get in the way of hanging pots, pans and other equipment.

Drain dispensers require a tube to go down into the drain. Find a flat surface close to the drain that is not in a high foot traffic area. You don’t want someone to trip on the discharge hose and get hurt or damage the unit itself.

Another consideration is whether you want to use a battery operated unit or an electric unit. That can make an impact on which type of unit you purchase and the location of the installation. If you have any questions about surveying for installations, contact DEMA Technical Services or your Regional Manager.