Tech Corner: Choosing the Right Houskeeping Solution

Your housekeeping dispensing offering should be made based on a few key factors. The most critical components in making the right decision are the customer’s needs, equipment cost and your chemical packaging. If you keep these top of mind, answer and ask a few questions, you will make the right decision for your business and your customer.

Customer’s needs should be evaluated from the owner or supervisors as well as the worker’s point of view. Management may have security concerns that require locking dispensers, or their focus may be about training and want the easiest to use solution for their employees. Whatever their needs and concerns, make sure you ask what’s most important. The simplest questions to answer are:

  • “What chemicals do you need? “
  • “What are your primary applications?”
  • “How many products are used in spray bottles or hand buckets?”
  • “What products are needed for bucket and/or equipment filling?”
  • “Do you need the ability to spray-on products?”
  • “Do you move the same product around and fill at different locations (portability)?”

Single product and 2-5 product systems that use dedicated fill ports offer the most simplicity for the worker. Dedicated bottle or bucket fill tubes and dedicated activation points require few decisions to make the right chemical choice. Selector valve systems provide up to 4 products for each bottle or bucket fill port by using a dial to select between the products. Selector valve systems do add some complexity however if you label the unit well and train the employees thoroughly, it can be the preferred system of the end user.

Locking dispensers can increase safety and security. Knowing how many products and the dimensions of your chemical containers will make sure you make the best decision. DEMA offers multiple modular locking enclosures for ½ gal (2L) and 1 gal (5L) containers that can be set-up as 1-5 or more product locking systems. We also offer single enclosures for 4 products (both ½ gal and 1 gal) and single enclosures for 1 product gal containers.

Balancing the cost of dispensers to chemical usage is always a critical factor. Two cases of chemical per chemical location will typically more than cover the cost of the dispenser. In general, single or dedicated systems without locking enclosures and basic wire racks (or no racks) are the most cost effective for 1-2 products. Selector valve dial systems are more cost effective for 3+ products. Basic wire racks are the most economical solution for mounting chemical on the wall. And plastic locking enclosures are a lower cost than stainless.

See Housekeeping Dispenser Matrix

In short, there are a lot of different variations and your possibilities are limitless. Click on the image link for an easy reference to help guide your decision when considering DEMA products.

For more information, contact DEMA Customer service or your Regional Manager.