Custom Solutions

Solving challenges by thinking beyond the expected.

A Proven Track Record For Proactivity
Backed by a long history of listening to and understanding our customers’ needs, DEMA empowers you with innovative and reliable solutions, including:
  • Ongoing resources available for minimal costs and nominal commitments for customization, plus low to no cost for third-party component management.
  • Custom design and prototyping capabilities, including Solid Works and AutoCAD design, extensive machining and other metal manufacturing and prototyping.
  • A molding operation with tool room and the ability to modify and repair tooling, plus in-house SLA and RTV prototyping.
  • The production of electronic boards and electronic board prototyping.
  • A full wet lab with a wide range of commercial and testing equipment. We have the ability for high pressure testing (2000+ psi) and medium PSI/high temp (200 psi /200°F) and automated accelerated lifecycle testing equipment to ensure your system meets your expectations.
When you’re ready to partner with DEMA on a proprietary project, please contact your local sales manager or email [email protected] or fill out the form below.