Strategy Statement

Customized Solution

Customization at DEMA could mean anything from a custom label to a fully custom product. We will use our customized solutions to help build and enhance our customer’s brands.

Industry Experience

One of DEMA’s competitive advantages is the breadth and depth of our experience we have within our customers’ industries. This enables us to solve problems our competitors (and sometimes even our customers) can’t. We are better able to develop and implement customized solutions that create value for our customers

Flexible & Responsive Operations

We welcome the opportunity to develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Each department at DEMA has a role in making this flexibility possible:

  • The Sales team makes accessibility a high priority. They aren’t just selling a product – they serve as valuable consultants throughout the relationship.
  • Engineering regularly and proactively interacts with customers – not just when there are problems.
  • Marketing effectively helps customers capitalize on the opportunity to enhance their branding and differentiation through DEMA’s products.
  • Manufacturing adeptly handles prototyping, quick turns, custom pack-outs. DEMA offers lower minimum order quantities and stronger build-to-order capabilities than the competition.
  • Quality Control is dedicated to continuous improvement and avoiding potential issues before they occur.
  • Calls to Customer Service and Technical Support are answered by knowledgeable representatives who are well-connected with the rest of the company so that the right resources are deployed quickly on customer requests.
  • The Administrative teams play a vital role in enabling all other departments to exceed customer expectations.

Cultural Commitment to Customers’ Success

All DEMA departments stay close to and interact with customers. We listen first. We recognize our customers rely on DEMA products in their businesses so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of service. We think long-term and prioritize relationships over short-term financial gain.