Committed to delivering excellence to every customer.

Customer-First Is The Way We Do Business

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the most important part of what we do. To consistently achieve this goal, DEMA will:

  • Meet the changing needs of our customers. Beginning in 1956 when DEMA was founded, through today and our third generation of family ownership, our approach has always been satisfying DEMA’s customers. Many of our products were developed after customers requested a specific feature or idea.
  • Answer your call promptly and professionally. If your request is received by fax or email, you can expect the same quick reply.
  • Provide you with fast, accurate answers. If you feel at any time you are not receiving quick, professional service, please ask to speak with a manager.

This commitment to quality has remained as a cornerstone of our business through three generations of family ownership. Here is an excerpt from a 43-year-old company newsletter article by Hermann Deutsch that still rings true today.

You Can Feel It In Your Bones

The feeling for quality, which is the instinct for excellent performance, can “get into your bones”. Quality can make work worth doing. The feeling for quality, once it gets into your bones, can be a terrific asset. It can give dignity to an individual; it can give character to a business; it can give satisfaction to our customers. The character of our business, or any business, is nothing more than the sum total of the characters of the people in our business.

So long as we seek excellence and accept nothing less, our business will succeed. In business, the constant and never ending search for quality should be paramount. People are naturally attracted to quality–it is something everyone wants. It is what a person wants in their car, their home, and everything they buy, and those people who produce less than their very best are cheating. As Ralph Waldo Emerson was fond of pointing out–”in the long haul, the only person we really cheat is ourselves.”

Every year thousands of businesses fail, hundreds of thousands of men and women are discharged from their jobs, because they try to get the maximum results from minimum effort. It used to be when people parted company, they would say “work hard.” Today it is “take it easy.” So long as we seek excellence and accept nothing less, our business will succeed like “nobody’s business”.

– Hermann Deutsch, 1966

Three Generations of Deutschs