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    Waterless dispensing technology designed for a wide variety of applications

    St. Louis, MO – August 20, 2018 – Waterless dispensing that’s easy to use, safe to handle, with precision accuracy, the next generation of portable waterless dispensing has arrived. FlexDose, by DEMA Engineering Company introduces the commercial cleaning industry to the first portable waterless dispenser designed for a wide variety of chemicals and user applications. FlexDose will give users the accuracy and precision expected of dilution control systems in a portable dosing package.

    Available for use with DEMA’s SafeLinkTM closed loop inserts or for open containers, FlexDose is capable of dosing any common chemicals into spray bottles, three compartment sinks, mop buckets and much more. Several variations of FlexDose are available, all designed to fit the requirements of the desired application. Multi-dose configurations are capable of creating several rich and lean dilution end use products with a simple pull-push stroke action. Safety lock outs prevent inaccurate dosing by ensuring the user completes the dosing cycle. Whether used with our SafeLink inserts for a truly closed loop solution or used with standard chemical containers, FlexDose will provide users with a world class dosing system experience.

    Find out more about FlexDose from your DEMA Regional Sales Manager or our world-class Customer Service group.



    The OPL and Industrial Laundry Dispenser for the digital world.

    St. Louis, MO – July 9, 2018 – Introducing the latest laundry system from DEMA Engineering Company, Aurora. Aurora is the technology rich laundry dispenser for the digital world. Designed for On-Premise and Commercial Laundry applications alike, it’s a forward-thinking platform with Bluetooth technology for use with iPhones, iPads, Android devices and PC integration. Connecting to your smart device you can write and store programs, access real-time data, get service reports, reminders and much more.

    Aurora enters the “smart device” connection and control era with a forward thinking program using Bluetooth technology for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PC integration. Use your smart device to write and store programs, get service reports and access data from the Aurora Pro-Access interface module. The Pro-Access controls up to 8 pump stands with 2 flushes or 10 pumps without flushes. Aurora blends smart device capable technology with the best features of DEMA’s legacy dispensers such as quick change pumps and durable pump gear motors.

    Aurora is a platform to build on for the future with innovative features coming soon like Multi-Machine capability, Pump Expansion Modules and Integrated Sensor Technology for proof of flow, delivery and much more.



    Drain and Odor Control dispensing made quick to service, easy to use and reliable as always

    St. Louis, MO – January 22, 2018 – With decades of knowledge behind the well-known products by DEMA Engineering Company and Viking, LLC, comes a new dispenser designed to address the common challenges around drain cleaning and odor suppression dispensers. Drain Chief Plus by Viking (Trapper by DEMA), was created with the installer and maintenance staff in mind with innovative features including an easy to program digital interface, quick change squeeze tubes, quick mount installation plate and much, much more.

    Both units are designed for AC or DC requirements. The AC version comes with a plug in wall transformer and DC with a standard 8 “D” cell battery holder. With alarming capabilities and compensation adjustments, the DC version on average will run for a year before batteries need to be replaced Plus the battery monitor will automatically adjust its feed time, compensating for the lost battery power and has an optional audible notification to change the batteries.




    St. Louis, MO – April 29, 2016 – Three industry leading names in the fluid control marketplace have come together as one. Effective April 29, 2016 DEMA Engineering Company (DEMA), a globally recognized leader in chemical dispensing equipment and fluid control products completed the purchase of GC Valves, Inc. and CFA, Inc. The GC Valves and CFA brands will be sold under the name “GC Valves, LLC.”

    The service and value that GC Valves and CFA customers have come to know and expect will only continue to grow. The GC Valves, LLC team will be led by Jim Janousek and Bill Young, original founders of GC Valves and CFA. Bill Young stated “I appreciate the culture at DEMA and the company’s strong reputation in the various industries it serves.”

    Jim Janousek shared his excitement about the product offering provided by the combined company, stating “The uniting of these three great companies means that we’ll be able to provide customers with an unparalleled selection of products to meet their solenoid valve needs – all from a single source coupled with a highly skilled sales team supported by technical and customer service in St. Louis, MO and Charlotte, NC.”

    Jonathan Deutsch, President of family owned DEMA stated, “We are excited about the opportunity to join forces with Jim, Bill and their GC Valves and CFA team. DEMA has been watching their success in the carwash market for a number of years and has always been impressed with their product quality, depth of product line and reputation. Both companies have grown rapidly in other markets including food service equipment, water quality, dairy, medical, water, air and steam handling applications and we look forward to supporting this growth.”



    April 2016

    Tech Corner: Nitro Plus

    Nitro Plus is the newest installment to DEMA’s line of warewash dispensers. Nitro Plus delivers the ….Continue Reading



    March 2016

    Tech Corner: SafeLink Caps and Inserts

    At DEMA, we’ve brought our deep experience in the dispensing market to our innovative, adaptive closed loop system. When we introduced our inserts in ….Continue Reading



    February 2016

    Tech Corner: SafeLink MPD

    SafeLink MPD is DEMA’s newest innovation in housekeeping dispensing. MPD is the multi-product and multi-dilution dispenser designed for use with SafeLink closed loop bottle inserts. MPD engages and dispenses one product at a time and….Continue Reading



    January 2016

    Tech Corner: Choosing the right Housekeeping solution

    Your housekeeping dispensing offering should be made based on a few key factors. The most critical components in making the right decision are the customer’s needs, equipment cost and your chemical packaging. If you keep these top of mind, answer and ask a few questions, you will make the right decision for your business and your customer….Continue Reading



    November 2015

    8 Chemicals, 4 Locations, 1 dial – Extreme 4

    Extreme 4, our first fully contained four product dispensing cabinet designed for smaller chemical packaging. The design goals were clear, with the focus on Flexibility, Technology, and Simplicity wrapped into an easy to install dispenser ….Continue Reading



    October 2015

    New! Rocket Injector

    Starting earlier this month, DEMA officially launched the Rocket injector! Rocket is the next generation of injectors, designed to be the most efficient and most versatile injector in the market….Continue Reading



    September 2015

    New! Out of Product Sensors

    DEMA’s most recent “out of product” sensor uses a unique conductivity sensing design. The sensor recognizes the presence of liquid media using conductivity but without direct exposed metal tips or probes….Continue Reading



    August 2015

    Tech Corner- Differences between Injectors and Proportioners

    It’s not uncommon to find people using the terms “Injectors” and “Proportioners” interchangeably, however, that’s not correct. To clear up some of the common confusion, we’ve broken down the difference between the two below….Continue Reading



    July 2015

    Dart! Single Product Warewash System

    The DEMA DART is a value driven approach to basic ware wash applications. Simplicity is a key feature allowing for a quick turnkey installation. Its physical size and pump performance makes it perfect for small applications such as glass washers, under the counter and small batch dish machines….Continue Reading



    June 2015

    Tech Corner- Commercial Kitchen Systems

    Lets go into a commercial kitchen to discuss proper location for unit installations. The most critical step in any installation is location, location, location. Location will be based on what type of unit you are installing such as electronic warewash, sink or ….Continue Reading



    May 2015

    Universal O-ring Kits for MixRite!

    In an effort to continually serve our customers better, DEMA is now stocking universal o-ring kits for the large MixRites! Each kit contains all the o-rings necessary for….Continue Reading



    April 2015

    Did you know? DEMA Customer Service

    DEMA’s Customer Service department is a close knit team of truly well qualified, exceptionally capable individuals. Each one on the team brings a unique set of skills and enjoys working on the front lines, communicating with our customers each and every day! The customer service team at DEMA wears many hats. When they’re not placing customer orders and answering technical questions, they….Continue Reading

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