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    A dispenser like no other…

    SafeLink MPD is DEMA’s newest innovation in housekeeping dispensing. MPD is the multi-product and multi-dilution dispenser designed for use with SafeLink closed loop bottle inserts. MPD engages and dispenses one product at a time and is designed for simple, fast and safe changeover from one product to the next. Chemical connects and disconnects to the SafeLink dock with one simple fast step. Simply push the bottle in and it automatically engages. When you’re done filling your bottle or bucket, the chemical is easy to remove and SafeLink closed loop inserts keep concentrate chemical away from you.

    SafeLink MPD is designed with a dilution dial for in dispenser chemical metering or a non-dial system for in bottle chemical metering. MPD dial is designed to use practically every product you could ever need. The dilution dial has up to 9 positions with 2 dilutions at every position for up to 18 different dilutions. Standard dial offerings are a 3 position, 6 position and 9 position to handle any chemical offering. And of course MPD has all the user features you have come to expect from a DEMA dispenser. Two proportioners and fill ports provide easy bottle filling and convenient bucket filling. The bottle filling has 1 handed activation and the bucket has an optional remote “gas pump” activation. The bottle fill tube is designed to minimize foam and the drip tray in incredibly functional with an optional drain hole and tube.

    MPD is versatile, easily accepting bottles anywhere between ½ gallon to 5 liters in size; it’s perfect for any chemical program. Customization is a breeze; MPD is available with multiple color options to match any brand strategy. Stop by the booth and see the most innovative dispenser in the market today.


    January 2016

    Choosing the right Housekeeping solution for your customer’s requirement

    Your housekeeping dispensing offering should be made based on a few key factors. The most critical components in making the right decision are the customer’s needs, equipment cost and your chemical packaging. If you keep these top of mind, answer and ask a few questions, you will make the right decision for your business and your customer.

    Customer’s needs should be evaluated from the owner or supervisors as well as the worker’s point of view. Management may have security concerns that require locking dispensers, or their focus may be about training and want the easiest to use solution for their employees. Whatever their needs and concerns, make sure you ask what’s most important. The simplest questions to answer are:

    • “What chemicals do you need? “
    • “What are your primary applications?”
    • “How many products are used in spray bottles or hand buckets?”
    • “What products are needed for bucket and/or equipment filling?”
    • “Do you need the ability to spray-on products?”
    • “Do you move the same product around and fill at different locations (portability)?”

    Single product and 2-5 product systems that use dedicated fill ports offer the most simplicity for the worker. Dedicated bottle or bucket fill tubes and dedicated activation points require few decisions to make the right chemical choice. Selector valve systems provide up to 4 products for each bottle or bucket fill port by using a dial to select between the products. Selector valve systems do add some complexity however if you label the unit well and train the employees thoroughly, it can be the preferred system of the end user.

    Locking dispensers can increase safety and security. Knowing how many products and the dimensions of your chemical containers will make sure you make the best decision. DEMA offers multiple modular locking enclosures for ½ gal (2L) and 1 gal (5L) containers that can be set-up as 1-5 or more product locking systems. We also offer single enclosures for 4 products (both ½ gal and 1 gal) and single enclosures for 1 product gal containers.

    Balancing the cost of dispensers to chemical usage is always a critical factor. Two cases of chemical per chemical location will typically more than cover the cost of the dispenser. In general, single or dedicated systems without locking enclosures and basic wire racks (or no racks) are the most cost effective for 1-2 products. Selector valve dial systems are more cost effective for 3+ products. Basic wire racks are the most economical solution for mounting chemical on the wall. And plastic locking enclosures are a lower cost than stainless.

    See Housekeeping Dispenser Matrix

    In short, there are a lot of different variations and your possibilities are limitless. Click on the image link for an easy reference to help guide your decision when considering DEMA products.

    For more information, contact DEMA Customer service or your Regional Manager.

    November 2015

    Extreme 4 – Dilutes eight chemicals from four locations, all controlled by one dial; in one package!

    Extreme 4, our first fully contained four product dispensing cabinet designed for smaller chemical packaging. The design goals were clear, with the focus on Flexibility, Technology, and Simplicity wrapped into an easy to install dispenser.


    • Extreme 4 is Total Dilution Control. With only one dial to control four products over eight dilutions, it’s the most versatile dispenser on the market.
    • It’s not just about flexibility inside the dispenser; it’s in the different variations available. Off the shelf, Extreme 4 units can come standard in any of the following configurations: Remote Fill or Push Button Bucket, SafeLink Closed Loop Ready or Open Feed and 1 & 4 GPM or 2.5 GPM (for in-bottle metering)
    • Customization is just a phone call away. With low minimums, Extreme 4 can be built to any specifications by our experienced team delivered to your install. Open the package, mount on the wall and go. All the internal plumbing is already done. Branding is maximized too, with large smooth surfaces on the doors and control panel this unit takes on the look and feel of your branding requirements. Whether you use our graphic design team or design it yourself, the Extreme 4 is built to be your go-to house dispenser.


    • In Extreme 4, we’ve expanded the use of our proven pilot valve technology found in the remote fill hose. We’ve introduced one handed bottle fill activation with our low foam fill hose. Increased safety and productivity by removing the obstacles of two handed filling.
    • Additionally we’ve introduced the first 2-n-1 selector dial. One dial, controlling two selectors with the ability to dilute up to eight chemicals anywhere from 1:4 to 1:800 dilution ratios.


    • One lock engages six locking points on the Extreme 4 making it the most durable plastic locking cabinet you can find on the market.
    • To access the internal components of the Extreme 4, you have to unlock the unit. This keeps anyone from tampering with your dispenser when it’s not being serviced.

    Want to know more about the Extreme 4? Contact your Regional Sales Manager or call our Customer Service department at 1-800-325-3362.

    October 2015

    We have lift-off, Rocket has officially launched!

    Starting earlier this month, DEMA officially launched the Rocket injector! Rocket is the next generation of injectors, designed to be the most efficient and most versatile injector in the market.

    The Rocket you need is ready and waiting. Use the chart below to identify your requirements. Easy coding by color will tell you the orifice size and flow rate allowing you to choose the injector perfect for your need.

    Rocket is serviceable, keeping you flying past the competition!

    Over time and chemical usage, parts wear out. It’s a fact of life. It’s absurd to replace the entire injector, so why not replace only the parts that are worn out? DEMA offers repair kits designed to keep the Rocket going, reducing your service and maintenance costs associated with normal wear and tear.

    Build the system as you need it.

    With manifolds and strainers, you can design a system perfect for your requirements.

    The Rocket is the newest development in DEMA’s long history of producing high quality injectors for the Car Wash industry. In it, we’ve combined the traditional injection capabilities you’ve come to know, expect and value as well as increased chemical compatibility and manufacturing techniques. This makes the Rocket the superior choice out of the alternative options available.

    To find out more about the Rocket, other DEMA products or customized solutions for your needs please contact us by clicking here or calling us at 1-800-325-3362.

    September 2015

    New Out of Product Sensors

    DEMA’s most recent “out of product” sensor uses a unique conductivity sensing design. The sensor recognizes the presence of liquid media using conductivity but without direct exposed metal tips or probes. Instead the design uses conductive plastic which has been engineered into the body of the sensor. This design offers good chemical compatibility, thus eliminating issues with traditional metal tip conductivity sensing.

    As with previous DEMA sensors these sensors can be installed directly on the inlet side of the pump using “push on” fittings or barb connections. The sensors can be electrically connected to a Titan or Nitro ware wash system without any further programming or setup required. Additionally, DEMA offers a Low Level Module that will accommodate the new sensors as well. The Low Level Module can be coupled with an Atlas or V-Line laundry system or be a standalone module for laundry, dairy, and other industrial applications.

    Sensor and Low Level Module Kits

    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.64 – 3/8” Barb fitting at each end
    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.65 – 3/8” Push-on fitting ready at each end, includes 2pcs of a 3/8” x 3/8” Push-on coupling fittings – Ready for Atlas and V-Line applications (laundry).
    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.66 – 3/8” Push-on fitting ready at each end, includes 2pcs of a 3/8” x 1/4” Push-on coupling fittings – Ready for Titan and Nitro applications (ware wash)
    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.67 – 3/8” Push-on fitting ready at each end.
    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.48 – Low Level Alarm Module (standalone)
    • DEMA P/N – 84.65.49 – Low Level Alarm Module for Atlas or V-Line Laundry System

    Want to know more about the Out of Product or Low Level Sensor? Contact your Regional Sales Manager or call our Customer Service department at 1-800-325-3362.

    August 2015

    Tech Corner: Differences between Injectors and Proportioners

    It’s not uncommon to find people using the terms “Injectors” and “Proportioners” interchangeably, however, that’s not correct. To clear up some of the common confusion, we’ve broken down the difference between the two below.

    Injectors and proportioners are similar in the fact that they both use the venturi effect to create vacuum. The venturi effect is: “Water flowing through a nozzle with the stream of water going across a port that will draw in air or chemical into the water stream.” The difference, however, is that injectors are installed in line with the water source and proportioners are installed at the end of the water source.

    Injectors are tricky to size because of back pressure. To properly size an injector you have to have the pressure of your water line the injector is going to be in and the flow rate at the end of the line your injector is in. An injector has to have a small amount of back pressure to prime. If you have too much restriction at the end of your line, the injector will not draw because the back pressure is too great. This occurs mostly when there is some kind of nozzle attached to the discharge. Also if there is no back pressure at all the injector cannot prime.

    Just remember when sizing an injector get the water source pressure and the flow rate of the discharge. If there are multiple nozzles on the output, measure the flow rate of each nozzle and add that up to get your total flow rate in GPM (gallons per minute). Never size an injector by the size of the pipe you are installing it into.

    As mentioned previously, Proportioners use the venturi effect as well. With the proportioner located at the end of the water source, this is typically used to fill quart bottles or buckets. At DEMA, we use a 1 GPM proportioner to fill bottles and 4 GPM proportioner to fill bucket. The proportioner controls the flow rate of the water source. As the proportioner is at the end of the water source, back pressure does not have an effect on the proportioner.

    Have questions about injectors, proportioners, or anything else related to chemical dispensing? Contact your Regional Sales Manager or call our Technical Service department at 1-800-325-3362.

    July 2015

    Improve your aim with DART!

    The DEMA DART is a value driven approach to basic ware wash applications. Simplicity is a key feature allowing for a quick turnkey installation. Its physical size and pump performance makes it perfect for small applications such as glass washers, under the counter and small batch dish machines. The Dart uses a pump speed control system to meter dosage amounts. This makes dosage adjustments as simple as turning a knob. The DART pump system will accommodate detergent, rinse aid and sanitizer applications. Each model is setup with a kit to accommodate the desired application that includes fittings and mounting hardware.

    • DART.DEJ – Detergent version, includes bulkhead fitting
    • DART.REJ – Rinse version, includes stainless steel check valve
    • DART.SEJ – Sanitizer version, includes a Kynar check valve

    The DART will operate with 115VAC or 230VAC with a flip of a switch. The DART is available and ready for ordering.

    June 2015

    Tech Corner

    Lets go into a commercial kitchen to discuss proper location for unit installations. The most critical step in any installation is location, location, location. Location will be based on what type of unit you are installing such as electronic warewash, sink or drain dispensers.

    Electronic warewash dispensers require electricity regardless if it comes from the dish machine or a wall outlet. Find a location that you have access to electricity, a flat surface, and make sure it is it is far enough from the machine where it will not be exposed to steam.

    Sink dispensers require water to operate. Locate a flat surface with the access to water, and the ability to use the unit without causing disruption to the workflow in the kitchen. Another very important consideration is the location of the chemical to the dispenser. The chemical must be below the dispenser. If the chemical is located above the dispenser, it will create a siphon and the chemical will continue the flow out of the unit even if the unit is off.

    Hand pumps are similar to the sink dispenser in the respect that the chemical must be below pump. It will also create a siphon and continue to discharge chemical when the unit is not in use. Also worth remembering, a hand pump will stick out from the, so mount accordingly as not to get in the way of hanging pots, pans and other equipment.

    Drain dispensers require a tube to go down into the drain. Find a flat surface close to the drain that is not in a high foot traffic area. You don’t want someone to trip on the discharge hose and get hurt or damage the unit itself.

    Another consideration is whether you want to use a battery operated unit or an electric unit. That can make an impact on which type of unit you purchase and the location of the installation. If you have any questions about surveying for installations, contact DEMA Technical Services or your Regional Manager.

    May 2015

    Universal O-ring Kits for TF5 / TF10 / TF25 MixRite Units

    In an effort to continually serve our customers better, DEMA is now stocking universal o-ring kits for the large MixRites!

    Each kit contains all the o-rings necessary for each TF-designated unit, meaning you only need to stock three kits for all TF units! When you need to rebuild a unit, there will always be a few o-rings left over, but no one wants to stock 12 different kits when they can stock 3! All o-rings in these kits are EPDM.

    O-ring kits for TF units:

    • Kit # 3520000057 for all the TF5 units
    • Kit # 3510000057 for all the TF10 units
    • Kit # 3500000057 for all the TF25 units

    Quick reference guide for our most popular MixRite parts kits

    In an effort to make it easier for our AG customers to order the correct kits, we’ve simplified the list of kits by simply listing the kits required for the most popular units. Click here to access a PDF version of the parts lists.

    April 2015

    Did you know?

    DEMA’s Customer Service department is a close knit team truly well qualified, exceptionally capable individuals. Each one on the team brings a unique set of skills and enjoys working on the front lines, communicating with our customers each and every day! The customer service team at DEMA wears many hats. When they’re not placing customer orders and answering technical questions, they:

    • Proactively identify solutions to streamline customer experiences
    • Continuously learn about DEMA’s products and test them hands on in the DEMA lab
    • Participate in the development of new products, offering feedback and insight in to the end user experience, based on feedback continuously received by customers

    If you can’t tell, we’re proud of our customer service department and we want you to know who they are, just a little bit better!

    Sharon Cordray, DEMA Engineering Customer Service Manager – With 17 years of service, I have enjoyed my time working at DEMA Engineering. We have had many changes and are continuously improving our processes… When not at work, I enjoy boating, fishing and gardening.

    Joan Maudling, DEMA Engineering Customer Service – I have worked for DEMA Engineering for 28 years. I handle all the National accounts and I back up for the CS Manager when she is out. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and family.

    Dave Montgomery, DEMA Engineering Technical Services – Starting as a Lab Technician, I worked my way up to the Technical Services in the DEMA Customer Service department. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching sports, movies, and building computers.

    Julia Lammert, DEMA Engineering Customer Service – I’ve been with DEMA as our Receptionist since November of 2012. This month I was promoted to Customer Service Representative! When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. I enjoy reading lots of books!

    Aric Deutsch, DEMA Engineering Customer Service/Technical Support – I have been with Dema Engineering Co. since October of 2013. I am a huge sports fan so when I am not at work, there’s a good chance I am watching the Cardinals, Rams, or Blues. I like to stay active and love playing basketball. Current NFL free agent!

    Next time you call in, ask Joan about her amazing athlete of a granddaughter, Aric about his sports obsessions or Dave about the latest gaming system he built from scratch!

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