New! Rocket Injector

We have lift-off, Rocket has officially launched!

Starting earlier this month, DEMA officially launched the Rocket injector! Rocket is the next generation of injectors, designed to be the most efficient and most versatile injector in the market.

The Rocket you need is ready and waiting. Use the chart below to identify your requirements. Easy coding by color will tell you the orifice size and flow rate allowing you to choose the injector perfect for your need.

Rocket is serviceable, keeping you flying past the competition!

Over time and chemical usage, parts wear out. It’s a fact of life. It’s absurd to replace the entire injector, so why not replace only the parts that are worn out? DEMA offers repair kits designed to keep the Rocket going, reducing your service and maintenance costs associated with normal wear and tear.

Build the system as you need it.

With manifolds and strainers, you can design a system perfect for your requirements.

The Rocket is the newest development in DEMA’s long history of producing high quality injectors for the Car Wash industry. In it, we’ve combined the traditional injection capabilities you’ve come to know, expect and value as well as increased chemical compatibility and manufacturing techniques. This makes the Rocket the superior choice out of the alternative options available.

To find out more about the Rocket, other DEMA products or customized solutions for your needs please contact us by clicking here or calling us at 1-800-325-3362.