844 Laundry Master OPL and Commercial Laundry Dispenser

The 844 Laundry Master OPL and Commercial Laundry Dispenser for those who prefer stainless steel cabinetry and on-board programming. The 844 is DEMA’s smaller stainless cabinet that can be equipped with 3 to 6 standard pumps and uses the USM for formula selection. The 844 can be equipped with the QC Blue Pumps or the C2 pump plus can accommodate up to 2 large C4 pumps on the ends.

The 844 features and modes include:

  • AUTO FORMULA-SELECT: Allows laundry machine microprocessor to choose formula soil classification by sending an appropriate length signal to main control board.
  • RELAY: Allows laundry machine microprocessors to control all functions of the dispenser. Will accept any number of programs sent by the laundry microprocessor.
  • SEQUENCE: Used on non-programmable, fixed time, and older machines that do not have adequate programming functions. Operates by counting drain closings and pumping pre-determined amounts of product at correct drain closing.
  • MANUAL FORMULA-SELECT: 9 formula keypads allow non-microprocessor laundry machines to have specific formulas for various soil classifications. Both keypads have bleach defeat and emergency stop buttons.