Safe Link Closed Loop Chemical Management System

DEMA’s Safe Link Closed Loop Chemical Management System is a no chemical contact system that eliminates exposure to chemicals when connecting and changing product in almost any chemical dispenser. Safe Link incorporates two components, a spill proof bottle insert and a pick-up cap connection. The bottle insert is part of the chemical container installed during the chemical packaging process. The pick-up cap is the connection on the dispenser chemical feed tubing that “links” the chemical to almost any dispenser.

Safe Link is the superior, spill- proof system that virtually eliminates worker exposure to chemical concentrates, assures accurate dilutions and provides greater safety for the public, the environment and the surfaces being cleaned. The system meets safety and environmental standards while reducing over usage and is forward and reverse compatible with systems already in use minimizing conversion cost and waste.

SafeLink can be used with SafeLink One, SafeLink MPD or many of the other great dispensing and electronic dosing systems you’ve come to know from DEMA.