Chemical Proportioning Systems

DEMA has a number of proportioning systems for filling spray bottles, buckets and any other small to large volume equipment or containers. DEMA offers a simple push button modular system for 1 product that’s flexible to make a multi-product dispenser, a molded plastic system for 2-3 products, and stainless steel units for 1-5 products. Some stainless systems had locking enclosures for the ultimate security and all systems are available with chemical storage racks. Multiple flow rates are available for flows of 1, 2.5 or 4 gpm (4, 10 or 15 L / min.) to achieve the best flow for the particular application. And DEMA offers multiple back flow protection options with the Action Gap and air gap backflow preventers. DEMA also offers the unique industry-leading Safe Link™ Closed Loop Chemical Management System with Dura Seal™ technology to any housekeeping dispenser.