DEMA History

Bela and Hermann Deutsch founded DEMA in 1956 soon after they formed their first company, Standard Machine and Manufacturing. DEMA was born out of customer requests for a device to dilute chemicals accurately and automatically. During DEMA’s first year the “proportioner” was introduced to the institutional cleaning market. Large chemical companies approached DEMA to build various products that would allow them to correctly dilute their cleaning chemicals. Since the beginning DEMA has introduced thousands of different proportioner models, with the primary goal of offering our customers the most reliable, safest and accurate way of dispensing concentrated chemicals. In addition to our complete range of chemical dispensing equipment, DEMA has also designed and manufactured a line of solenoid valves, injectors and other fluid control devices to meet many industrial applications.

During DEMA’s early years our focus was water driven dispensing equipment. As technology advanced, DEMA entered the electronic dispensing market, and now produces a broad range of electronic dispensers for kitchen, food service, laundry, industrial and specialty applications. These dispensers are designed to meet the needs of our worldwide customer base, specifically holding quality and safety at the highest standard and helping to lower the total cost of equipment ownership.

DEMA is committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. DEMA has expanded our facilities in Missouri, Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, and Australia plus added warehouses and representative offices in Brazil and China. All of our expansions have led to better service and satisfaction for our growing global customers.

DEMA is continuously updating our product range to meet the needs of our global customers. From 2 people in 1956 to more than 300 employees today, DEMA continues to grow and maintain the status as a leading provider of chemical dispensing and fluid control equipment.

Third Generation Leadership

DEMA is under our 3rd generation of Deutsch family leadership. David, Glen, Jeremy and Jonathan ensure that DEMA continues our heritage as designers and manufacturers of high quality innovative dispensing equipment and fluid control products. Their day to day leadership helps ensure DEMA continues to exceed the expectations of our global customers.

Over 50 Years of Dispensing Innovation:
  • Model 301B Sure-Measure Dispenser
  • Model 167 Faucet Proportioner
  • Model 217C Liquid Detergent Feeder
  • Model 234A Two-Stage Liquid
    Chemical Injector
  • DEMA sells first solenoid valve to
    carwash industry
  • Model 204C C Series Liquid
    Proportioning Injector
  • Model 241 SprayClean Dispenser
  • Model 260 Hydraulic Rinse Fluid Pump
  • Model 560 Concentration Controller
  • Model 603 Select-O-Matic Dispenser
  • Model 611 Blend center Dispenser
  • Model 442 DEMA-MITE Mini-Valve Series
  • Modular "Mix-and-Match" Blend Center
  • Ultra-GAP Air Gap Proportioner
  • DEMAMaster Series Probe dispenser
  • DEMAMaster Series Probeless Dispenser
  • LaundryMaster Series dispenser
  • Dilution at Hand Dispensing System
  • Roam 'n Foam Spray and Foam dispenser
  • TITAN Warewash Dispenser
  • Stainless Steel Diaphram Valve