A responsibility to our planet-
and those that call it home.

Chemical Dispensers
Environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. Our chemical dispensing systems help to ensure proper use of chemicals and have been shown to:

  • Reduce chemical consumption by 30 to 60% over hand diluting chemicals. Reducing chemical consumption means less packaging waste, less fuel and less storage.
  • Ensure chemical are diluted correctly, which is safer for employees, the general public, surfaces and the environment.
  • Protect the waste stream from concentrated chemical and limits potential overexposure of chemicals.
  • Take chemical mixing out of human hands making super concentrating products practical. Super concentrates have the greatest impact on reducing packaging shipping and storage by as much as 10 times or more over typical concentrates.

Safe Link Closed Loop Chemical Management System
Efficient and trouble-free, this new system featuring DuraSeal technology provides a superior spill-proof design for your chemical concentrates. DEMA’s closed loopsystem is:

  • Safer. Sealed, spill-proof bottles and connections virtually eliminate worker exposure to chemical concentrates. And, since sealed bottles require use of dispensing equipment, accurate dilutions are assured, resulting in greater safety for the public, the environment and the surfaces being cleaned.
  • Cleaner. The unique insert reduce complexity in your chemical packaging. Superior sealing design allows for greater variance in bottle finish and neck ID. The result: less inspection, less rejection, less failure and less cost.
  • Greener. Meets safety and environmental standards, while reducing over usage, and generating more profitable sales than open containers or inferior inserts. The system is also forward and reverse compatible with systems already in place.

Back Flow Protection
DEMA dispensers feature several critical backflow protection devices designed to protect the water supply. And all DEMA backflow protectors carry approvals from various international, national, regional or local agencies and municipalities. See our regulatory page for current approval and listings.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
To reduce the impact our four U.S. manufacturing facilities and global locations have on the environment, DEMA:

  • Recycles paper, plastic, cardboard, metals, and other consumable materials in our offices, warehouses and plants.
  • Invests in new technology to conserve energy such as an ultra-efficient BASF Spray-Foam “white” roof on our St. Louis facility.
  • Partners with our energy suppliers and their efforts to conserve energy.
  • Installs occupancy sensors in our shop restrooms, conference rooms and warehouse areas and are continuing replacement in other warehouse areas, all restrooms and office areas.
  • Replaces metal halide lighting with High Bay, T-8 fluorescent lighting in our manufacturing facilities.