Dart! Single Product Warewash System

The DEMA DART is a value driven approach to basic ware wash applications. Simplicity is a key feature allowing for a quick turnkey installation. Its physical size and pump performance makes it perfect for small applications such as glass washers, under the counter and small batch dish machines. The Dart uses a pump speed control system to meter dosage amounts. This makes dosage adjustments as simple as turning a knob. The DART pump system will accommodate detergent, rinse aid and sanitizer applications. Each model is setup with a kit to accommodate the desired application that includes fittings and mounting hardware.

  • DART.DEJ – Detergent version, includes bulkhead fitting
  • DART.REJ – Rinse version, includes stainless steel check valve
  • DART.SEJ – Sanitizer version, includes a Kynar check valve

The DART will operate with 115VAC or 230VAC with a flip of a switch. The DART is available and ready for ordering.