Foam Station 1 & 2 Compressed Air Foamers


Foam Station Dispensers are wall mounted or cart mounted compressed air foaming systems that use a PVC foamer body, an air pressure gauge with control and 2 on off ball valves to control water and air flow. The unit is housed in an impact resistant plastic cover with large label area for product and use identification. Applications for these units include all food processing and food service areas, industrial plants, school shower areas, and other areas that require foaming chemicals to help clean. Units require an air compressor and at least 40 psi water pressure to produce quality foam.

  • Model 692T has 2 ball valves to provide one foaming chemical and clear rinse from this wall or cart mounted unit.
  • Model 693T has 3 ball valves to provide one foaming chemical, clear rinse, and a sanitizer (or other chemical product) spray.